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Fidelity helps businesses take on the responsibility of providing a COVID free workplace and compliant with national and local safety and health policies.
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Efficient Testing

We can accommodate an office volume of 50 to 1000 per session to avoid business interruptions

Private Reporting

Privacy is important to us, you have an option for direct to employee an option for direct  reporting, or employer reporting.

Over the last 2 years, we've partnered with industry-leaders, scrappy startups, and in-betweeners.

Testing Statistics

We conduct testing to any kinds of industry

Fidelity enables various organization and businesses to invest in the well-being of their employees because it leads to improved efficiency and productivity, this leading to better output for businesses in the long run.
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Ensure a healthy and safe work environment

Employee Physicals

The HHS recommends that companies offer physicals for their employees on a regular basis, which includes things such as blood pressure, height, weight, and age. It can also include a more in depth analysis of specific systems such as the skin, eyes, or lungs

Drug Testing /Screening

We help businesses provide a safe working environment for their employees in compliance with OSHA by making sure they are not under the influence of any substance, be it illegal or medicinal.

COVID-19 Testing

We can provide on-site testing for your employees on a weekly basis to ensure that they are safe from the virus when dealing external contacts, and immediately report if found any signs of symptoms.

Get Started With 3 Simple Steps

We make it easy to get your organization tested for Covid-19. In 3 simple steps, you can protect your team and your organization from a large outbreak.

Tell us about you

Tell us a little about you and your team, and someone will get back to you to schedule a call.

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During our call, we will review your needs and determine the best way to accomplish them.

Get started

Once we decide on the start date and testing frequency, our team will visit your location to conduct our service.
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Don't let COVID-19 take over your company!

Huge companies and organizations are always on the lookout for ways to protect their employees from COVID-19. Fidelity's testing and screening solution can be done on site at the company location so there are no worries about the risk of exposure.
"Fidelity is a reliable and trustworthy partner. They have a staff of qualified and tested professionals who are dedicated to ensuring our company is safe from COVID-19. We have been using their service for the past five months now, and we couldn't be happier with the level of service provided."
-Glenn Evans, CEO at Alliant Real Estate and Loans

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Alright, but what exactly do you do?

As a creative agency we work with you to develop solutions to address your brand needs. That includes various aspects of brand planning and strategy, marketing and design.

I don't need a brand strategist but I need help executing an upcoming campaign. Can we still work together?

We hope so! We create customized brand solutions for our partners so if one campaign is what you need help with, we're totally on board.

Are your rates competitive?

Our rates are fair. Good work comes at a price and while we're not going to gouge you for profit, we do believe in fairly compensating all our stakeholders. We price our projects accordingly.

Why do you have a monthly project cap?

We want to ensure every project gets the attention it deserves. It's a promise we make our partners and that usually means not taking on more work than our team can handle.

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